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Visual Identity: Tripaholic
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Visual Identity: Tripaholic

We all might have a slightly different definition for TRAVELING but for this time we will talk about traveling beyond a typical holiday.


TRIPAHOLIC started from a passionate traveler with a strong appetite for aesthetics, adventure, culture and …  exquisite. She wanted a visual identity that would reflect something with a pinch of upper class style but not luxury, different from an all-inclusive resort vacation, with destinations not yet overly flooded by tourists, something to combine adventures with moments of relaxation, to create unforgettable memories and to open minds. Traveler, not tourist. Experience, not vacation. Aesthetic, not ordinary.  Tailor made, not out of a catalogue.  DESIGNED FOR TRAVELERS. 

Simple, modern and stylish. Inspired by the safari aesthetic. I worked with earthy colours to bring some of the classy Jules Verne style mixed with the safari adventurous notes. The dark grey reflects the exquisite qualities of the services and adds a modern vibe. The coral-red is there to highlight the stylish experience.


For the typography I worked with two or my favourite typefaces: Quiche Sans & Proxima Nova.  As a display font I used the bold version of Quiche Sans that pushes the boundaries of high contrast letters and invokes a fashion-oriented approach. I find Proxima Nova an extraordinary  typeface, pleasant to the eyes, modern and web-friendly.


In the logo creation process, we explored a lot of ideas but finally we settled for the globe and the airplane as two interconnected elements when it comes to TRAVELING. Simple, clean and highly versatile.

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Graphic Design, Visual Identity