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Visual Identity: Psychotherapy Business
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Visual Identity: Psychotherapy Business

This is the kind of project where the client trusts you completely to create the visual identity for his personal phycho-therapy brand new business.  During the project kick off we came around a few important considerations about the branding, the position and voice. Norian is a phychotherapist and he would like to help other men and couples in addressing their issues. The profile of the patient is: medium to high income / young to middle age majority / high education degree. The desired  approach is professional, trustworthy, upper class yet warm, friendly and relaxing. A safe spot in the middle of the urban jungle, where you can openly address your concerns.
I used a minimalistic graphic design style accompanied by geometric shapes and a pastel color pallette. Keeping it simple and modern without giving up on empathy and warmth. The black & white photography used for social media is there to visually support the message while not distracting.
The logo is derived from the name and follows a clean geometric design. Legible, scalable, relevant and simple. As well I used the logo (heart shapepd part) to create the rest of the branding assets and patterns. It provides consistency and blends perfectly no matter the support, be it printed or digital.
In terms of deliverables I like providing a set of templates that allow the flexibility of changing the image and text but sticking to the visual identity. Letter head, business cards, t-shirt design (for marketing purposes in informal environments), social media templates and covers.  All in all, a complete branding project that is very dear to my heart.
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