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Logo Design: IT Project Management
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Logo Design: IT Project Management

Practice is fun, great for keeping you active and tickle your imagination. 
One day I was randomly hiking with my better half and he challenged me to create a logo for him. The so called imaginary company would bear his name, would be an IT project management company and would be addressed to corporate environment targeting specifically small IT departments that want to outsource project management tasks.
I wanted to create something clean, professional yet playful, human oriented and somewhat geeky. In the process I started with piling up some keywords around the idea and I got a bunch of them: project, solutions, open minded, human, attention, professional, multitasking, code, ideas, energy, clarity, knowhow, boldness, management, link…
I integrated the design concept in the name and added some spice through elements of coding and vibrant colors. The logo is built upon the idea of a central character (the project manager) who embraces the entire project from code to colorful business ideas with a human approach, clarity and know-how.
For sure seeing the logo on actual objects helps you better visualize the concept – I used some nicely prepared mockups from Freepik to bring an earthly feeling to my logo design.
Visual Identity