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WE COMMUNICATE THROUGH ART.  Personally I like telling the story behind my artworks. I invite you to discover the core concepts around these illustrations. Feel free to read further and see the artworks after or jump directly to the illustrations and set your imagination free.

I studied Anthropology and the key concepts of our evolution on this planet have been intriguing me since I know myself. Being comfortable with today implies understanding yesterday. Mythology is the building block of cultural identity. Through myth humans tried to understand the world – a very first scientific approach. WE ARE CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEINGS. Symbols open the world of abstract concepts and add a big step in our evolution. WE SHARE KNOWLEDGE.


The illustrations are based on old Romanian pagan symbols. I focused on three key aspects: the sun, the man and the natural balance and transposed them into three perspectives: underworld, world and upper-world.


The left panels represent the solar worship. Circular shape corresponds to the sun (associated with yellow), rectangular shape represents fertility (linked to earth and associated to red), the angle symbol points the direction (sign of always evolving – and it’s linked to consciousness – blue). The wheat ear is a solar symbol emphasizing the abundance and gratitude. Last but not least there’s the column representing Axis Mundi – the backbone concept of the tree of life that connects all the worlds.


On the center panels the focus is around human activities, values and consciousness. There’s a big connection with the ancestors, represented by the middle stylized upside down fir tree. Then on the sides of the tree stand beauty (flower – with a fertile core) and intelligence (walnut – blue linked to consciousness). Above all the bird symbol of infinity and freedom.


The right side concentrates the duality of nature – the balance and contraries. The wolf teeth (series of three triangles) and the cock are both like amulets meant to protect from wild beasts (wolf teeth) and wake up the sun (rooster). The S-like shape represents the efficiency of nature (everything has a purpose). The bottom twin shapes represent a Yin-Yang concept in old Romanian beliefs. And central there are the ram horns (the masculine symbol of energy) holding the feminine (red) symbol for fertility and seduction (it illustrates a woman with her hands on the hips).